Total Sanitaryware Solutions
Menü Simge


ECE HOLDING was founded in 1946 by the ÇENESİZ family, as Çenesizler Koll. Şti. .It continued with the brick and tile facilities established in many parts of the country. In 2006, ECE GROUP Companies were merged under the ECE HOLDING roof. Today, it is an industry group which consists of 900 people with 7 production facilities in 4 locations, 345.000 m2 open area and 92.000 m2 closed area production. Genitec A.Ş which has been constructed as the associate of ECE Holding presents total sanitarywares machinery solutions to customers since 2013. Genitec provides best pre-sales and after-sales services with its staff of highly specialized staff in the industry. Genitec manufactures high quality, high performance machinery which are manufactured in a state of the art production facility with the most advanced production line.

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