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GHC 1005 High Pressure Watercloset Casting

GHC 1005 High Pressure Watercloset Casting


The body of the High Pressure Casting System has been constructed with welded and bolted connections considering 1500kN amount of closing force. The mainframe of the system includes body coat and an additonal epoxy paint on the last layer. Epoxy paint provides resistance to possible corrosion effect of water and humidity by the special content. In addition, the parts contacting with the water are chrome or galvanized.


The control panel is designed to use the system both manual and automatic, to adjust pressure, to specify casting recipe, storing data for previous casts and to check active/non-active components in both automatic and manual.


Siemens motor safety switch and contactors. Entire system and hydraulic unit is also equiped with Siemens.


Omron PLC and relays are used. It is used to transfer commands from control panel and to manage required automation system. The temperature in the slip heating tank, temperature in water tank can be visualized on the control panel. Moreover there will be additional slip level heating, water heating, lighting, etc. indicators on local panels and also the required equipment to see the air pressures of the instruments and the process are placed in the control panel to follow the cycle. Operating panel will be in English and user-friendly. The special encrypted pages can only be accessed by the authorized personel. It is also an optional feature to have a RS480 communication protocol to be able have remote Access to the system. Max. 7 high pressure casting systems can be managed and remotely accessed.


Special car and a robot combined with this car provides fully automatic demoulding at the end of casting. Mould opening and communication with the robot is totally controlled by Genitec PLC.


Water temperature has to be 40- 45°C. Water heating is under customer liability. For the vacuum, special vacuum pump and for the water 3-4 bar centrifuge pump is used. All the pipelines are made with the galvanized equipments. The actuator valves and the equipments are high quality products. Greenware Conveyor Manual casting bench is included. As an optional feauture an automatic chain conveyor system can be provided.


Flashing and verbal warning exists on the system which is triggered during open-close period. Moreover emergency cut-off switch is included in the system. During the demoulding, when the operator pulls the rope system automatically stops.