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Full Automatic Glazing Robot

Full Automatic Glazing Robot

Genitec full automatic glazing system is designed to serve all kind of glazing needs. System works with two sided carousel system which are two additional axises acoupled with the robot. This makes our system 8 axis. The advantage of this method is having the flexibility to use the robot system fully automatic and semi-automatic. If you want to manually load the robot it is possible and it is also possible to use the robot with automatic conveyor system and manipulator.


According to the selected programme Glazing Robot immediately starts glazing. With the sensitive axises, every kind of movement can be taught to robot to ensure high-quality glazing.


After glazing manipulator picks up the product to carry it to the conveyor to be sent for firing. Manipulator can be very helpful and reduce workforce.


Finally, on the same conveyor the products are directed to the kilns for loading.


6 axis Robot Kuka KR 16 L8 2 Arms Carousel with Door Control Panel PLC Control 3 Positioner (7,8,9th Axis) Glazing Booth, Filtering System and Other Equipments


Genitec prefers Kuka Industrial robots for glazing to sustain durability and low maintenance of the system. Our process software is directly linked with the Kuka system and all the communication between PLC and robot software is modifiable.

The software of the robot is Windows based and very easy to manage. A technician who is capable of functioning simple computing activities can easily learn the entire system for a very short time. The biggest advantage of our glazing System is teaching ability while it is offline. Our simulation software allows you to make teaching on computer and give you Access. When you are teaching the robot it can continue to work. It can also be teached with control panel of Kuka. With the simulation software you will be able to modify all parts, after the teaching by only touching the specific line without changing entire program. Kuka is also accesible via internet connection by Ethercat protocol which allows remote control of the system if any urgency occurs.


During operation: 278 K to 328 K (+5 °C to +55 °C) In the temperature range from 278 K (+5 °C) to 283 K (+10 °C), the robot must be warmed up before normal operation. Caution: special operating conditions apply to KR 16 EX (see Section 3.1). D During operation with SafeRDC: 278 K bis 323 K (+5 °C bis +50 °C) D During storage and transportation: 233 K to 333 K (--40 °C to +60 °C) Other temperature limits available on request

Considering that Kuka robots are served by unique servo motors for every axis, this system allows the flexibility of every kind of angular movement for glazing. For every sanitaryware factory there are specific models which are very difficult to produce. Glazing is also one of the significant steps of the process. Kuka robot’s durability and flexibility allows producers to ease the process with the highest level of productivity. The most important difference of our system is the ability to update each program. This is quite important to ease the teaching process.